Trial of Seasons 3: Future’s Fervour

Welcome to the Trial of Seasons — are you ready to face your fellow community members in a competitive challenge? Join the trial now and battle to obtain a whitelisting spot in seasonal community activities!


The Trial of Seasons (or ‘ToS’) are community faction competitions with a specific theme over a ‘Season’ which can last between three to four weeks, where the Fableborne community engages in various different challenges throughout the season.

Members of the community choose between one of four Factions of the Shatterlands and then battle for points on the Global Faction Leaderboard in Seasonal Challenges and Weekly Events

Global Faction Leaderboard (Trial of Seasons 2)


Trial of Seasons 3 runs from Monday, September 5th to Monday, October 3rd (5 PM UTC) and revolves around obtaining and spending ‘Esper Coin’ (or ‘EC’). Esper Coins can be used to purchase items and perks on the Discord server or use them to gain ‘Faction Points’ (or ‘FP’).

Unlike other seasons, this time you also will get the chance to obtain Guaranteed Access to our Pre-Alpha and Alpha Events!


How to Gain Esper Coins?

  • Faction Challenge
  • Weekly Events
  • Level Challenge
  • Daily Discord Bonus
  • Discord Minigames

How to Spend Esper Coins?

You can buy many different types of items and perks, from Faction Boosts, which rewards your faction with Faction Points, to Wallpapers, guaranteed Alpha Access, to raffles for Discord Nitro Boosts, 3 Rare Echoes NFTs and 1 Unique Profile Picture NFT.

  • Discord Nitro Boosts: We are giving away 10 Discord Nitro Subscriptions (1 months). The raffle ends on October 3rd (5 PM UTC).
  • Rare Echoes NFT: We are giving away 3 Rare Echoes of Heroes NFTs. The raffle ends on October 3rd (5 PM UTC).
  • Unique Profile Picture NFT: We are giving away 1 Unique Profile Picture NFT, handcrafted by our talented artists. You will be able to decide what is portrayed in the picture, fully custom and unique. We will make sure to make your dream come true! The raffle ends on October 3rd (5 PM UTC).

As a new feature we have added a Faction Change Ticket. While you can buy it already, you can only use it after the Trial of Season is over, during the Off-Season, to avoid score manipulation.


  • Level Challenge: Be active on our Discord server, level up and reach the top 10 to gain Esper Coins!
  • Faction Challenge: Gain Faction Coins from Weekly Events and Faction Boosts to unlock Whitelist Spots for your faction in a raffle at the end of Trial of Seasons 3, on October 3rd.


We will host one event per week and each Weekly Event will be a competition in and of itself and will be announced at the beginning of the week. Each event will have multiple winners and these winners will gain a set amount of Faction Points.

Unlike last season, this time every winner will obtain Guaranteed Alpha Access to our Pre-Alpha and Alpha events. If you purchased an Alpha Access already with Esper Coins, you will receive 3000 Esper Coins instead.


Discord Role

  • Once Season 3 is over, faction members will be able to claim a unique role for a limited time only as a token of your participation in the Season.
  • Each season will have different roles, so make sure to not miss out.

Esper Coins

  • Guaranteed Alpha Access
  • Discord Nitro Boosts
  • 3 Rare Echoes of Heroes NFTs
  • 1 Unique Profile Picture NFT
  • Wallpaper
  • Faction Change

Whitelisting Spots

  • Giveaway raffle at the end of Season 3based on your faction ranking

More information about all whitelisting activities and their rules can be found on the Fableborne Discord server.

Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter, join our community on our Discord server, and follow us on Telegram and Twitter to stay up to date with Fableborne!

Let’s embark on an exciting journey together, let’s #becomefableborne.




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